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Pet Peeve: Insurance (Any surprise in that?)

It’s official! Insurance is just a scam.

OK. I’ve just about had enough. This is the saga of the 2015 mess of insurance.

When I got my last two jobs, when it came to getting health insurance, I took out a private policy. The first place wasn’t big enough to require offering insurance (and they didn’t), and my current place doesn’t offer out of network coverage on their insurance plan. So I bought a private policy. It’s how I pay for therapy. I could never go for therapy otherwise.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s this “healthcare reform”. And a reformation it most certainly was! Aside from all that changing, my insurance company (AmeriHealth NJ) decided to revamp their system for 2015. Continue reading Pet Peeve: Insurance (Any surprise in that?)

Infuriating Insurance: Is there such a thing as “Being an Insurance Employee for Dummies”?

And the insurance saga continues…

465_for_dummiesFriday found me on the phone for 1 hour and 55 minutes with the insurance company (I timed it!). The guy was infuriatingly unhelpful. He kept putting me on hold for these really long stretches. Then he started with the “it doesn’t stop by me” mode. I really was losing my patience at that point. I told him over and over again that I know it doesn’t. I said that I got that and I don’t mind being transferred to someone else that can do it for me. Continue reading Infuriating Insurance: Is there such a thing as “Being an Insurance Employee for Dummies”?


My Mental Block: Insurance

I really am an intelligent person (or I like to think so), but for some reason, when it comes to insurance – any kind at all – I’ve got this insurmountable, overwhelming mental block. I just don’t get how they work, what I need to do, and why everything with them is so complicated and drawn out.

I sometimes wonder if insurance companies deliberately make it so difficult to deal with them, just so that you’ll give up and let things slide while they slink away, chuckling, with your money in their pockets… Continue reading My Mental Block: Insurance