About Me

Hi, All!

I’m Judy King. I was born in 1983 (you can do the math!) in Brooklyn, NY. When I was about 8.5 my family moved to NJ and I’ve lived here ever since.

I come from a highly dysfunctional, very large, family. I am Jewish, ultra-orthodox and love my life as it is (sometimes…). I am recovering from multiple addictions, including alcohol, food, sex, and self-harm.

Besides for a whole array of employment occupations, I’ve got hobbies, interests, and lots of drama!

As the name of my site indicates, this blog is about the drama called, “My Life, The Soap Opera”. I know that we all have drama in our lives, but somehow I’ve seemed to have gotten an extra large dose of it. I’ve got a friend that works for a small publishing house, and the standing joke between us is that one day I’ll write a book titled, “My Life, The Soap Opera”. So while this isn’t really a book, it is a way for me to journal and share my life, the ups and the downs, with everyone out there.┬áRead all about it and feel free to comment/contact me.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Whew!!!! What an inspiration!!!! Keep doing your holy work. may hashem grant you only good and the seemingly good.

    forever grateful,
    love me.

  2. Wow – good on you for putting this out there , and being willing to share what you’ve learnt along your journey. You’re doing G-d’s work… stay strong and connected and know we’re all rooting for you. Hope you see only good and health in your life.

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